Pre-Flight Planning Resources

UK Aeronautical Information Service

The Aeronautical Information Service provides FREE access to the following:
  • UK Aeronautical Information Publication (UK Air Pilot)
  • Uk Air Pilot Supplements (SUP)
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
  • NOTAM - FREE Registration Required
  • AIS Information Line
  • UK Foreign IAIP Library

    French Aeronautical Information Service - Service de L' information Aeronautique

    The French Aeronautical Information Service provided FREE access to the following:
  • French Aeronautical Information Publication and Charts (French Air Pilot)
  • French Air Pilot Supplements (SUP)
  • French Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
  • NOTAM - No Registration Required - print reports returned in pdf format! *Highly Recommended
  • French Regulations
  • On-line integrated Briefing (Olivia)
  • ARO Assistance (BRIA - Regional Office for Flight Information and Assistance)
  • + much more

    European AIS Database

    Basic access to NOTAMs and Aeronautical Information Publications.


    Weather Information

  • UK Met Office
  • Jersey Met Office


    Flight Planning

    CA48 Flight Plan Form


    Online Flight Plan Filing Solutions:

    NATS Assisted Flight Plan Exchange (AFPEx)


    EuroFPL - European Flight Plan filing solution.


    On Line Integrated tool for Visualisation of Information for Airmen (OLIVIA)


    Recommended Reading

    UK CAA General Aviation - Information for recreational flying


    Director of Civil Aviation

    Office of the Director of Civil Aviation



    Jersey Logo

    Jersey Airport

    Jersey Aero Club

    Gama Aviation

    Jersey Tourism Website

    States of Jersey Web Site

    Jersey International Air Display



    Guernsey Logo

    Guernsey Airport

    Guernsey Aero Club

    Guernsey Tourism Website

    States of Guernsey Web Site

    Guernsey Air Display



    Alderney logo

    Alderney Airport

    Alderney Flying Club

    Alderney Tourism Website

    States of Alderney Web Site