2012 CICZ PPR Requirements
Channel Island Control Zone PPR is currently
2012 Guernsey Airfield PPR

With on-going rehabilitation works on Guernsey Airfield, Guernsey will be operating their own PPR restrictions during 2012.


Flights wishing to operate into Guernsey or Alderney do not require CICZ PPR but are required to check latest NOTAMs regarding any Airfield PPR which may be in operation.


2012 CICZ PPR for Traffic destination Jersey!
PPR Arrival Sectors for the Channel Island Control Zone

Defined PPR Arrival Sectors

The arrival sectors above are defined to ease the PPR reservation and flight plan processes for inbound traffic to Channel Island Airfields. Please refer to the appropriate Destination Web Page (see menu bar) for specific information on arrival sectors appropriate for your destination.
CICZ PPR Reservation Procedure

The following table outlines the basic procedures for making a CICZ PPR reservation through this site if PPR is put in place for 2012.

01 Check relevant UK AIP entries and current NOTAMS for any PPR requirements.
02 Plan you flight according to the standard routes and identify the appropriate PPR Arrival Sector for your destination.
03 Calculate an estimate for the CI CTR boundary in your chosen PPR Arrival Sector.
04 Select the "Online PPR Reservation" page from the main menu bar above.
05 If you are first time visitor you will be required to Register in order to use the Service.
06 Log in to the Online PPR Reservation System and to open up your control panel.
07 The Control Panel allows you to review any existing PPR reservations you have created. (Click 'Modify' to review full booking and to retrieve its PPR Reservation Number.
08 To make a PPR reservation - Click "Book PPR" in 'My Quick Links' menu to select the PPR Reservation Calendar.
09 Select the date you wish to make your reservation for.
10 Select an available time slot for the appropriate Arrival Sector.
11 Review, adjust the reservation form as required and enter "Aircraft Registration".
12 Add any additional information pertinent to your flight as you may consider necessary. E.g. Additional Contact information supplementary to your registration contact.
13 Click "Check Reservation" to check if the arrival slot is available.
14 Set any reminder time. (An Email reminder will be sent to you as the specified time before your reservation.)
15 Click "Save" to secure your Reservation.
16 Check your email for PPR Reservation Number, Alternatively you can review your booking by clicking on it in the booking calendar (Green Cell indicates your bookings) or in Control Panel.
17 File a Flight Plan in the standard manner ensuring you include the LAST 6 CHARACTERS of your PPR Reservation number in Field 18 "Other Information". e.g. RMK/PPR XXXXXX

Additional help and Information regarding use of the CICZ PPR Reservation System can be found by clicking the "Help" link in the Online PPR Reservation System title bar.

CICZ PPR Reservations currently have a 30 minute tolerance, if for whatever reason you experience a delay and will arrive at the boundary outside of your reserved slot please make contact with Jersey ATC at the earliest opportunity to report the delay. Depending on the traffic situation at the time we may be able to accommodate your flight, however some delay may be experienced.




Block bookings for consecutive time slots, unused bookings which are not cancelled in a timely manner or any other use of this system which ATC management deem to be an abuse of the privilege or process may result in termination of user registration.